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Genre: Auto Girl Collection? | Developer: DMM Games

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I’m always impressed when I open the title screen, given that I’ve seen Flower knight girl before. It has the balls of steel confidence to go for simplicity instead of shoving as many tits as their photoshop guy can work in.

Courtesy being a thing largely forgotten in the world except for the hypocritical demands of luxury services, so seeing it displayed in a titty game at nutaku of all places, is a pleasant surprise one does not get experience often enough.

Telling you -Hey we’re going to give you sound, tweak it if you mind – is a beautiful gesture that I give a ceremonial bow rivaling that given to a monarch. Even superior as to a monarch you would usually give it, so you don’t get you head chopped off, not because you want to.


If you’ve read a few articles by me, you may think I’m some weird millennial fucking creature to make that fuss about such minor details… Yet in a world full of fake bullshit, it happens that I sometimes align with our collective grandmother’s quibs about “You gotta sometimes admire the little niceties in life.”

Now, given that they are on nutaku and they have to compete with pussy juice splattered all over your screen, once you are in, they don’t get shy on showing you the goods very soon.

Working up little titties for “Battles” will be the primary activity you’ll face. Which I’m not totally sure you could call an activity, more of a large collection of cutscenes you get to start and watch now and then.


Obviously if clicking a few times is way too much for you, there is the auto option to save you from that plight, so full battles get carried on with as little as you clicking “start”.


The more attractive half being the girls and exploring the story is where most of the creative effort goes. If you fancy the style and the atmosphere there will be more than plenty to go around.

If you have any view on the gaming community you know that casual games take a large slice off the pie, even if harcore gamers would denounce mobile games until their mouths and fingertips bleed to death.

Regardless of it all, developers like these are very well aware the can make a good living with lite game elements so long as the world that they inhabit is interesting instead of some rushed together high res bullshit that doesn’t make any sense.


Think electronic arts, some of their failed spinoffs to popular games have about as good imagery as their competitors, yet they usually fail to close the deal, because the only thing they have to tie it all together into an immersive place is their greed and cynical attitude toward gamers that shines through almost every aspect of their work. And if this anecdote is too industry for you.

It’s like meeting a beautiful underwear model and the first thing coming off their mouth is so fucking bizarre, rushing you to put all your energy to get yourself convinced – that lustful desire you had 3 seconds ago was just a figment of your imagination and it didn’t really happened, nor should it ever…

Chibis are not something that I find interesting, but if you are up for that, the ones you’ll find in Flower knight girl are probably as good they get nowadays.


They nothing short of excellent. Always new ones coming that will surprise and charm you. Many flavors and tastes mixed in the ideas for them so there is usually something for a lot of people.

Given that the game has flowers in the title, any of you folks that have a taste for the dark themes in the world will be left hungry I’m afraid.

That is unfortunate when taking into account that nutaku has little to nothing for these desires. And don’t go emailing me about the bullshit angsty teenager games & developers who think throwing the words “bitch” and “cunt” into every other sentence makes them hardcore.

No more than the 12 year old Overwatch nerds, who think respect is earned if they can use more F words than their teammates. But, ah well, at least urban dictionary will keep it’s business flowing, virgins have to channel their frustrated energies somewhere…

In Flower Knight Girl we get items and crafting shit but I really couldn’t get into it because the interface has such blocky and outdated design – it drains the life out of you especially when you are dealing with such side mechanics that we very well know are just tacked on to extend the life of the game, otherwise the devs would be embarrassed to call it “a game”.


Gotta’ nab those collector personality traits on more than one front I guess. If you played some Asian games before – Flower knight girl is far better than the typical japanese “wtf is going on here!? I need to hire a tutor so I can play this”. You can navigate it, without an issue.

Characters are cool and the place is fun.

Interesting to form a community to be excited about it enough to make fan art. I’m not just saying it because it makes it easy on me with such a convenient place to get images for this article.

Fans of the game reading this are probably shouting in their minds “TALK ABOUT THE GIRLS THE GIRLS!!”

Yes, Flower Knight Girl has very many girls – more than the screenshot and they are largely cool.

Drink a soda and take a cue, the flattery line is clogged.

(even if this coffee is fan art to something similar and not Flower knight girl I assure you their community is pretty lively)

The gachas aka random gambling needs little to be said. Standard stuff for free to plays. Didn’t find it obnoxious or blatantly retarded and that’s already a large head start against the competition, half of whom are shoving their cocks in your eye socket hoping you’ll pay them to stop bothering you. I talked to a paying player who said the paid experience is fine unlike some of Flower Knight Girl’s nutaku neighbor games.

There is so much visuals for this game that it’s getting ridiculous to the point where it looks like had an uncontrollable urge and dumped a bunch of pictures that somehow ended up here.

Even if this is totally looking like some tumblr spat… I’ll pretend it’s nice as long as you do too.

You haven’t really participated in the world a lot unless you’ve had those moments walking around with a turd stain on your shoulder as the optimal solution. Take in that geisha chick and forget about it.


Tiny bits like that hover on the maintenance screen are what gives a project extra character. (I’ll leave it for you to discover) It is most definitely what makes some of us tilt our chairs slightly backwards and flash a simple heartwarmed smile.

The people who made this may not necessarily be gamers or know much about interesting game mechanics and simplicity of interface but it’s totally obvious they are hard at work creating a worlds where players can enjoy themselves, even if largely as a spectator. Perhaps they thought they don’t need to go more complex than Kamihime, given that they are not really good at making navigation for the complexity.

I’m sure, later on you have to tune your party to optimize your performance but most people given the “Auto” arrange just won’t care, and the whole thing isn’t really built to offer you many tactical options. Rather a vast array of characters coupled with cute moments.

A well placed hug can be as nice as an orgasm, so far as I’m concerned – even if you can’t be definitive on the apples and oranges thing.

A nice project by people who have a history of making cool things.  But I suppose it’s inevitable they lean on the sex appeal instead of game elements when they originally come from this business:

Flower knight girl is easy to like regardless if you are a neighbor who saw a fun sight across the window or someone actually getting in on the action.  

Hardcore gamers would point their finger at how I slide around the fact – the game is obviously shallow.  That’s because you haven’t recently met shallow people who are really great to socialize with.  See shallowness in itself is not really the problem. Its when you triple combo it with shitty attitude and stubborn stupidity that it becomes poisonous.

Thor Ragnarok is as shallow as ran over teaspoon. Not only it doesn’t hinder it, but actually helps come across even more fun and relaxing.

-Godspeed Flower Knight Girl.



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